Skyland Press (H.K.) Ltd. has been providing desktop publishing service to various business firms and other charity organization for many years.

In order to make the operation more effective, you can simply fax us your request, and let us do the remaining tasks: from quoting the price to confirming the order, from graphic design to printing, from binding to delivery. Our experienced graphic designers are always at your service. With our professionalism in graphic design and desktop publishing, you can enjoy the design, printing services, promotional products as follows:

  Promotional Posters
Leaflets / Pamphlets
Stickers / Labels
Booklets / Reports
Postcards / Greeting Cards
Promotional Gifts
Special Printing
宣 傳 海 報 書 刊  /  報 告 書  
傳 單  /  小 冊 子 名 信 片  /  賀 卡
文 具 宣 傳 禮 品
貼 紙  /  標 籤 特 別 印 刷